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Pros and Cons of New Construction Pros and Cons of New Construction

Pros and Cons of New Construction


Nothing beats the essence, feeling and smell of a brand new home.  The purchase of a new home is already exciting but when you are the first one living in it, it surpasses those feelings with overwhelming gratification.  
Customized finishes and selections:
Selecting the finishes that you like can be stressful but at the same time fun and learning the latest kitchen colors, home trends and your likes and dislikes can make the experience enriching to say the least.  Be careful to not go overboard as the cost of extra amenities or finishes can hike up the final price.  We will touch more about that under Cons of buying a new construction home.
All new appliances, plumbing, heating, air and impact windows:
Latest appliances and the peace of mind of having a new roof, plumbing and AC throughout the house for you and your family is stress reducing  and in South Florida some new construction properties come with hurricane proof windows.  The Florida Building Code (FBC) requires windows to be impact-resistant or protected if located within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is 110 mph or greater.
Equipped with newest technology:
Most new construction homes come well equipped with some of the latest technology or called smart home.  This can range from LED lighting, WiFi certified, energy efficient, Ring doorbells and wireless zones and more.  Purchasing some of these items individually can be quite an expense.
Building delays:
If not the number one but certainly one of the most disappointing items of a new construction home is delays in construction.  You are planning your move in with a set date in mind but then a delay happens and it is out of your control.  That is stressful when you are moving out or selling another property and need to move in on time to avoid additional costs and maintain a schedule.  The builder will provide a projected closing date and they will do the very best to meet that date but if you are on a timeline keep that in mind and if possible give yourself a cushion of a week to avoid the stress and setbacks.
Construction Noise - Depending on when you move in, if early in the construction plan of a community you might have to experience construction noise and ongoing of trucks in and out in your new neighborhood.
Costs for additional finishes or amenities can hike up price:
Upgrades can be quite costly and you can get carried away.  Make sure the finishes or extras you select are things you really can't live without like an upgraded washer and dryer or flooring that is not easy to change out later.  Once you have selected and signed keep in mind you usually cannot change your mind later in the process so spend the time you need when selecting. Remember the model home is usually full of all the upgrades available.
Lot size - Depending on the builder and where you have your sights most newer construction homes have a smaller lot size than an older homes. If you are looking for a spacious backyard or distance between you and your neighbor new construction communities might not offer that.
The overall process of buying a new construction home can bring lots of emotions but it can be well worth it.  If you are thinking of a new construction home and you need help with determining what you would qualify for or need someone to help you with the process and don't want to go in alone contact me and I can help you with a general overview of what to expect.  
Check out the link for new construction properties in South Florida and my latest sale at Cascata, Parkland, Florida, a Lennar community.


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