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Real Estate during Covid-19 Pandemic

Real Estate during Covid-19 Pandemic


There are many factors that we have learned during these last five months and still learning every day.  Whether its healthcare, technology, real estate and the list can go on every market and industry is learning about itself during the crisis and how changes affected or will affect and the reality is we won't know the impact until years down the line.

Prices in South Florida are maintaining and as many realized during the quarentine phase of the pandemic a condo or townhome without access to outdoor living for some could be detrimental to mental health.  Many home buyers are seeking homes with ample back yards or a home with a pool. 

How about those moving and escaping a highly populated city like New York and seeking homes that just provide more space.  The shift in working from home has also added to the increase in single family home sales due to company's changing their policies and allowing work from home and that means from anywhere.  The square footage is just not enough and when you live where you work, you just need more space to be comfortable, to allow room for your family while having an area that is free from distractions and where you can host virtual calls or attend webinars.

Lastly, investment in real estate is in the rise.  While some are selling their investment properties or second homes due the carry over costs and the unknown of the economy many are taking advantage and being smart about the low interest rates available.  Single family homes or small multi-family income producing homes are more attractive to investors due to the rent to price ratio.   The number of investment properties available to you is also an open market and what I mean by that is a property that makes sense doesn't have to be in the city where you live.  Expand your search and with virtual showings it makes it easy to view properties without any commitment.

We know that this pandemic was something or at least most of us never thought of to happen in our lifetime but it has and for some of us we need a change of pace so if you are looking for real estate or relocating and searching for the right place we can help you.







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